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By - Dickson Mutuma Posted On : 09th May, 2019 Your Category Name

The relative contribution of a sector to poverty reduction is shown to depend on its direct and indirect growth effects as well as its participation effect. In Kenya, the poor participate much more in growth through the agriculture and small scale enterprise development, resulting in much larger poverty reduction impact. Within this context, USTADI is implementing various projects in Kenya, including: The Kenya Semi-Arid Livestock Enhancement Support (K-SALES) Project. This project is implemented in partnership with Land O'Lakes International Development to improve the environment for increasing private sector involvement in the livestock value chain in both Makueni and Machakos Counties. The K-SALES approach to improved access to inputs is coupled with training in business and financial management for input suppliers, as well as expanded extension services for clients and linkages to professional service providers and markets. Through this model, USTADI facilitates a sustainable commercial relationship between service providers and producers, with profitable and growing farmers becoming repeat, valued customers.


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